We started South Shore Living in 2018. We are a bi-monthly publication created exclusively for the South Shore of Long Island.

We started with the vision of helping our local communities flourish. By mid-year 2018, we realized we needed to expand our reach. We are not Vanity Fair or the Rolling Stone Magazine, we operate a little differently than most magazines. Our publication truly belongs to the community. South Shore Living is exclusively for and about the small businesses and residents, it is an expression of what’s happening, and mostly what is important to you.

We feature articles such as lawn care, healthy living, travel, and starting 2020 we will be highlighting a business in each issue. We will also inform you on upcoming events, concerts, etc. on our beautiful South Shore.

We encourage you to contact us with any recommendations of articles for our upcoming issues. This is your magazine, and we would love to hear about your business, family or inspiring stories.

We are located on Montauk Hwy, in Copiague, NY. Stop by and visit us!

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