Mondays at Racine: More Than Skin Deep

On Long Island, Monday isn’t just the beginning of the week, it is a day devoted to the well-being for those who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

As more and more people are diagnosed with cancer, the need for resources and support to get them back to their everyday life and work environment has become increasingly important.

A decade ago, Racine Salon and Spa located on Main Street in Islip, began offering complimentary beauty treatments for those undergoing treatment for cancer on Monday’s, a day that salons are traditionally closed.

As the need grew, they became a non-profit organization in order to expand their reach. The Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation Since has provided wellness and beauty services to more than 8,000 Long Islanders undergoing cancer treatment, all at no cost to the patient.

Racine is operated by sisters, Rachel Demolfetto, Cynthia Sansone, Karla Waldron and Rosemary Berger.

Every client’s health and beauty regimen is highly personal and critically important, and the Mondays at Racine staff understands the power and importance of their self-image.

While beauty might seem trivial at such a crucial time, “The mirror is a powerful tool,” Cynthia says.

Five years ago, the Mondays at Racine pilot program was operating at full capacity so the sisters reached out to other Long Island salon owners and began expanding to other locations to better serve the burgeoning number of cancer patients.

“People with cancer need to have a sense of normalcy in their lives, and we provide those services,” Rachel says.

To effectively recruit, educate and train the salon owners and their stylists on the proper treatment protocols, they needed to raise funds to expand the Mondays at Racine program, which is overseen by Karla, who serves as the foundation’s Executive Director.

“We wanted a fundraiser that would bring the healthcare, beauty and research industry professionals together for the first time. They all support cancer care in their own way,” Karla says and adds, “Four years ago we developed a truly unique event called the Long Island Beauty Ball.”

On October 29th, 2018, the 4th Annual Long Island Beauty Ball for Cancer Care will be held at the Crest Hollow Country Club from 6 to 10 pm.  The evening is filled with unique experiences including the second annual Hair + Make Up Show, psychic readings, paint night, virtual reality, shopping, live entertainment, dancing, an open bar and buffet stations.  Plus, the first 800 guests will receive an amazing swag bag filled with an assortment of beauty and wellness goodies.

“This is a not-to-be-missed event,” Rosemary says.

This year, a new program called MARCH is being introduced at an exclusive pre-beauty ball awards ceremony and cocktail hour.

“MARCH is an acronym for Mondays at Racine Community Heroes,” Karla says.  “We will be recognizing outstanding Long Island leaders for their support of the thousands of Long Islanders who are battling cancer.”

“This year we were determined to bring the Beauty Ball to a higher level and are so excited to announce that our guest of honor will be Mrs. Susan Imbert.  Susan is a close friend, a survivor and an inspiration to all that know her.  Her work in our community is of distinct excellence and we could not be happier to honor such an incredible woman,” says Karla.

To find out more about Mondays at Racine, the Long Island Beauty Ball and other outstanding MARCH honorees, go to

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